Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Reviewing my GAME

The two NET Standards areas that I chose for my GAME plan are
“Model Digital-Age Work and Learning.”

This first Goal involves me being able to demonstrate fluency in technologies both current and rising, while sharing my information to support students’ learning.  As far as this goal is concerned, I am making tremendous progress.  I am adding some type of 21st century skills in my lessons for my students almost daily now.  I have joined a twitter network that shares educational ideas and rejuvenated instructional ways to help reach students.  I am now in a position to access new an array of websites and also I’m able to now help my colleagues locate and access ideas or information for which they are searching.  This particular goal will be ongoing, because I do not foresee myself being regarded as ‘all-knowing’ in the technology realm.  By extending this goal to ‘permanent mode’, hopefully my current growth rate will continue as is, and I will always be a lifelong-learner.  In the area of future improvement for my future learning and continued growth, will be not to hold out so long in experimenting with things like twitter or blogging etc.

The second Goal is conveying relevant information through various digital venues in an effective manner to students, parents, and colleagues.  After receiving feed back from colleagues and peers, I believe that setting up a parent night in order to provide direct demonstrations and opportunities for parents to experiment and ask questions is one of the key to this goal being successful.  I have already spoken with my principal and she was excited and eager for my goal to be implemented, but asked me to execute this intent next year.  Concerning the goal of creating a group account for special education teachers has more or less hit a snag and this particular goal I am still working on.  One approach I have learned stemming from that goal is it might be better to ask for forgiveness rather than asking for permission (I would really only consider this tactic only when I know my actions are not breaking any regulations or rules).


  1. K. Parks
    You are right when you say that this will be an ongoing process. It is great to hear that you have the support of your principal when it comes to your parent technology night. What kind of snag has your special education group hit? Is it something that can be easily solved or is it going to take a lot of hard work on your part?


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  3. It is great that you are incorporating 21st Century skills on a regular basis with your students. The more exposure they have to the skills the better prepared they will be to utilize them in the future. The twitter network also sounds like a great idea and a tremendous resource for you.

    I am glad you received positive feedback about the parent night as a way of conveying relevant information. I applaud your efforts in meeting your goals and wish you continued success.

  4. You've hit on the very idea that I needed to improve on with my GAME plan and that is involving others more in the students' learning process. Having an information night for parents is a great way to start getting parents on the same page with teachers, and supporting what we do in the classroom. I've had so many parents now aware of the steps and time needed to complete the projects. If they were informed from the start, I'm sure it would translate to students' projects improving.

    I'm going to borrow your idea for next year if you don't mind.

  5. First of all, I want to commend you on diving head-first into the technology-implementation aspect of your project. I really admire your willingness to do so, and I think that we all need to take a page from your book and dedicate ourselves to the idea of "permanent mode". I think that for many of our goals to truly take shape, we need to embrace the idea of an ongoing process and allow these ideas to grow. Additionally, I am happy to hear that the principal supports parent night; the more and more I consider this idea, I think I may have to try one myself! Thank you for sharing and for being so candid about your experiences through this process; you have inspired me to make some moves myself!

    Have a great week,